Thursday, November 13, 2014

Passion Learning

Over these two terms We have been doing Passion Learning Projects all though we haven't finished it yet I am still really proud of how far we have gotten.  Our project was to help make the library a better place.  We were doing this to help Mrs Wihongi.  I think what we did well was stay calm the whole way and using .  First is my Self Reflection for Inquiry.  Secondly this is a Movie that me and my partner Kiana made.  I hope you like.

The Movie

The Library Group from Kaikohe West on Vimeo.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Best Day Of My Life

Last week in class we have been working on writing recounts about the best day of our lives. We have been doing these to practice for a writing test that we have this week. I think what I did well was that I added a lot of detail and reached my WALT. Some thing that I didn't do so well was that it took me quiet a while to write it.

WALT - use different sentence beginnings, lengths and types

Success Criteria - have you…

  • used different words to start your sentences?
  • included long and short sentences?
  • got simple, compound and complex sentences?
  • used questions?
  • tried to use dialogue?
  • changed boring words into exciting words?
  • used show don’t tell in your recount?
“Come on we got to hurry up and get inside” I shouted so eagerly. I rushed my sister, uncle, nan, and grandad right inside. “Remember grandad we’re in Rotorua” I whispered “I wish we could stay forever.”
“Yeah but we will always have to go back home” replied my grandad.  I was a bit scared to get in and go up the mountain.

I just faintly heard the lady at the counter say “the door will be open the whole way up.” I gasped for air before my breathing tubes closed.  Suddenly my family were loading in. I rushed to get a good seat.
“Don’t look down, don’t look down. In and out, in and out, in and out."I was panicking in my mind. My sister tapped me on the back.
“look Lu look.”
“WOW!! it’s such an amazing view there’s even dinosaurs down there” I shouted. I realised it wasn’t so scary once you got used to it. It was very beautiful. Finally we were at the top. I felt like I was going to fall. I think I got a little to used to being sloped up a mountain.

‘Green pedal for go red pedal for stop” explained the operator “Ready Set GO!!!!!” We all slammed our accelerators and took off seconds later we were out of sight. BANG! CRASH! thats all that you could hear.
“AAHHHHHHH Maia get out of the way” I shouted. Too late we collided so hard we unblocked the road and sent everyone flying. On both sides of me were crashes all the way down as far as you could see. “Aahhh It’s pitch black” I shouted in fear that I was about to crash. “Was this a tunnel” I was thinking in my head I didn’t know until I noticed a speck of light in the distance. There was hope that I wouldn’t crash and that I was right. That speck of light was the finish of the race. My sister was like my tail always behind me I blocked her.

“Woohoo! Haha I won, you lost haha. You can’t drive” I cheered. Although I won the race I was still sad that my adventure here was finished.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Buddy Reading

Today we had Buddy Reading with Room 9  by buddy was Maia. We read four books The Size Book by Room 9, Nickety Nackety Noo-noo-noo, and Where the Wild Things Are. I helped her and she helped me. I really like Maia and she is a good reader.  

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Chocolate Chip Cookies

On Thursday in class we got to pick a topic and research about it. As you can tell by the title I was researching about Chocolate Chip cookies. I thin what I did well was that I wrote the information in my own words and didn't copy and paste. Something I think I didn't do quite that well was putting up on my blog(here) on that day. But any ways Hope you like!!!


On Thursday we had to choose an exotic fruit research about it and make it into a presentation. I chose the Mangosteen. I think that something I did well was that I had finished it really fast. What I didn't do so well was that I copied and pasted so it really isn't mine. Hope you enjoy!!

Anaconda Facts

Last term we made some presentations about anaconda's. We made these based on a cool video we watched.I had to edit them and I only just remembered but enjoy.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

My Holidays

For the last two days we have been writing recounts about our holidays. We were writing to share what we did in the holidays. I think I what I did well was to write a descriptive story in only an hour. What I didn't do so well was that it isn't really long.

“Click Click” the harness was buckled. “Should I really do this?” I was panicking in my mind. It was about to explode!! Too late we’re already going up. Another click about a couple of seconds later.  I was speechless. The more we went up the more tension built in my tummy. Suddenly I realised we had stopped but we were right at the top. A little drop. Then… “AHHHH!!!” screamed everyone except me and my little brother. We were frozen in our seats not even blinking. When we were coming down our mouths flew open. We could not close them. We recovered in seconds. We were off and away to the power surge. Twisting and turning all around and also going upside down was really fun. Although it was fun I still missed my little brother too short for the ride sitting beside me.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Lego Story

Over the past two weeks we have been doing LEGO stories. What I mean by "LEGO stories" is that to make doing writing more fun and interesting we used LEGO. How we used is that we built our settings and put our characters in and we took photos with the IPads. Then we uploaded them to Flickr and got them of there. This made us a lot more interested and through out the whole first day we were doing we just wanted to keep going.  I think what did well was building the backgrounds and making them look like the places in my story. I think something I didn't do quite to well is that it tuck me a long time to build my setting but at least I got it done. Well Here it is I hope you like my story and pictures.

WALT write a story about a movie using the strategies and techniques that I know.

With the click of Ella’s fingers The pink Jaguars followed her down the hallway they were the most popular girls in school. All blonde except Ella the leader, They all wore pink except Ella she wore purple. Not so long after that they went head to head with The Tigers. They were sworn enemies they hated each other and they were always challenging each other. Ella and Nick the leaders of the two gangs they hated each other most of all. Although lots of rumors were going around they suit they still resisted. Until one day they fell for each other.

“Yeah I know and he’s really cute but the rest of the group wouldn't agree” replied Ella
While they were chit chatting Nick and Bestian were having a talk about the same thing so he decided to ring her. “Brrrring Brrrring brrrring Ella picked the and said “ Hello who is this”. “ It’s Nick” he answered on the Phone He asked  “Can we meet up at the park tomorrow at 3 o’clock I have to tell you something” Ella replied “Okay I have to too”.They both hung up.

The next day they told each other how they felt and decided that they wanted to go out. They had been secretly dating for over two weeks now. The tigers and Jaguars were getting suspicious. Nick and Ella  both decided to tell their groups. “ Umm Jaguars I need to tell you something Me and Nick have been secretly dating” she murmured. “You should've just told us Ella we wouldn't have cared” and suddenly all the Jaguars actually had crushes on The Tigers. While they were talking about who they liked Nick was still trying to tell them and then just shouted “I've been secretly dating Ella” They said the same exact thing as the Jaguars.  Then they decided they would get married Their mums and dads said “Okay”. So the next week they did.

With white streamers hanging from the ceiling and green and brown chairs the wedding was set. All the Jaguars arrived with a Tiger by their side and all of them lived happily ever after.

Screenshot 2014-09-04 at 9.42.18 AM.png
First Photo
Screenshot 2014-09-03 at 10.05.55 AM.png
Second Photo

Screenshot 2014-09-03 at 10.05.37 AM.png
Last Photo

Friday, August 29, 2014

Passion Learning

This week we have been doing Passion Learning Projects. I think what we have done well is organising everything we need and not being afraid to ask for help. I think we don't need to work on anything. We are looking forward the final product and using it.
Here is our Passion Learning Journal! Check it out please.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Monday, August 18, 2014

Bye Bye Whaea Ariana

Standard Written Form Addition DLO

Today I was working on a DLO(it is short for digital learning object) to show how to use Standard Written Form Addition. We were making these because we hadn't made any in a while. I think the thing I did well was make it really quick. I think next time I could write more tidily. But here it is. Hope you like.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Show don't tell Characters

Walt show don't tell to describe and expand on one feature of our character.

For the last two days we have been working on creating a character. We did this to understand how to not go over board with to much description and have just the right amount. I think what I did well is to make it interesting and not boring. Something I think I could do better is spend a bit more time on editing and checking with a buddy.

Beatriz had long luscious blonde loose curls that swayed in the air as she ran. If she was happy or excited  her hair would glow a beautiful gold colour and fairy dust would dance all around the room. She had the longest hair in all the land. If she was sad her hair would turn a white grey colour and the fairy dust would turn to ice. If she was angry her hair would turn red and the fairy dust would turn to fire.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Show don't tell-Miss Smith

For two days we have been working with Miss Smith for writing and we have been focusing on show don't tell. We were doing this to make our writing more interesting.  Can you guess how I'm feeling if you can comment below and I will reply.

WALT show not tell in our writing
I will begin by describing what the characters body felt like.
I will describe what they were thinking
I will leave the audience hanging
He dragged his hands down  his  face in stress. Bang Bang Bang he was pounding the wall like King Kong. His face started to boil as he wiped the sweat from his forehead.  He throw a chair at his mirror with tears running down his cold cheek. He started to think how he was going to fix what he had done..…..

Monday, July 28, 2014

Twitches Narrtive Writting

For the last week our class has been working on narrative writing. We were learning the structure of one at first. I think what I did well was describe how the fairies looked. I think I next time I could explain what happened to the witch.

“Welcome fairies you look fine today, Amy what a beautiful blue dress, and I noticed today you all have blonde glowing hair, Maleficent you look gorgeous too Ella Ella Ella there's isn't a word to describe how you look with your frilly dress” complimented the queen. All the fairies felt flattered “well we better get on to the gifts”shouted Amy. “My gift I give to you is that you two will be the most beautiful maidens and every boy or man that sees you will fall in love” said Amy with such grace. “My gift to you is the voice of an angel and when you sing anyone who hears you will be enchanted” Maleficent wished upon them. “My gift to you is that you will always be at the top of your grades and you will never fail a grade” Ella said with such wonder. “BAM!!” The door opened wide and in walked the evil sorceress Lucinda. “hah a party and i’m not invited hmmmm what’s wrong with this picture” she shouted with such horror. Everyone froze as she walked toward the twins. “Its my turn to give you two a gift” she whispered to herself. “Yes you will grow up with grace but on your sixteenth birthdays one of you will find an apple bite it then you will fall into a deep sleep and only true love can break this curse no-one else” she shouted across the room. Their father sent his soldiers to chop down every single apple tree and burn them. The years passed and Christy and Tristy grew older and older. Both with lucious brown glowing hair, and light tan skin. Christy had bright orange eyes, with a red dress and a sun headband. Now Tristy had a light blue dress, dark blue eyes and a crescent moon shaped headband. More and more time passed like Lucinda said they grew with grace.

The day was nearly here, their sixteenth birthday, now their father sent them off with the trustworthy fairies and said “do not bring them back until two days have passed”. Fare they went in to a place where no trees grew they kept the twins inside but the curse was too powerful. In the middle of the night Christy got lured into an enchanted forest and just like Lucinda said she found and bit an apple. She fell into a deep sleep and floated back to her room with the apple still in her hand.

Their father cried and cried and poured his eyes out. Christy on the other hand had locked herself inside her room and didn’t come out for days. A couple of days later she finally came out and went into the room where her sister was and hugged her and cried over her. When one tear touched Tristy’s face  she suddenly awoke and all was put into place.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Our Hurt-free Ad

For the last term our focus for Inquiry has been Mana Whenua. Our class came up with the idea of doing posters and one student said we should make an ad. Six students in my class got chosen to make an ad and I was one of them. We got put in groups of three My group was Hine, Mihi, and I. Next time I think we could put better examples in and make it a bit more cheerful.  A great thumbs up to our awesome photographer Hineataahua So here it is.
Our hurt free ad from Room 17 on Vimeo.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Show don't Tell

This week we have been looking at show don't tell that is when you describe how your feeling without telling the audience. But we have twisted it and and done it about hiding now everyone in the class have been stories about it. We have learning about this so we can hook the reader in and make it more interesting and descriptive. I really like how I described how tense it was getting. Next time I think I could maybe keep my ideas together instead of just putting them in no order.

“Boom boom boom boom” is all I could hear as I sat there in the pitch black room behind the curtain. I was a bit scared as I sat there but I didn't really care. The only thing I didn't want to happen was to get caught.  My eyes were glued shut, I was too afraid to open them, I thought that if I did they would be standing right there and they’d find me.   I was scrunched up into a little ball, it was so quiet I could hear my blood pumping around my body.  

“ Ooh they’re so dumb” I was thinking in my head. The Curtain was as cold as ice against my cheek.  Suddenly I felt something crawling up my leg, I slowly  opened my eyes and turned my head, I wanted to scream but I didn’t want to get caught, there was a big black spider on my leg, it was sooooo disgusting. It sent a shiver up my spine.  I quickly spotted a stick and wiped the spider off and squashed it. “Found you” I heard. “Ohh” I whispered as they stomped down the hallway. It was getting so tense. “I think I'm the last one” I whispered to myself.

Just at that moment they found me. “Play again?” they said “Nah I'm too good for you guys” I replied

Monday, June 23, 2014

The Mysterious white door

This week the whole class have been working on animation about a picture. Now first we had to write a story and then we used our stories as our topic.
add detail to our creative writing to make it interesting to our reader

Success Criteria

- use of descriptive words to build a picture

- use different sentence beginnings and types

- use expressive vocabulary

- describe the event so the reader feels as though they are there

- be creative and imaginative

My story is about a girl who see's a little door. Then there was cake floating mysteriously around she ate it. She shrunk. She climbed up the ladder and then she went in. There was a candy land. I really like how my movie matches my story. I think I could have worked maybe a bit longer on it. 

Friday, June 6, 2014

My Success Recount

You are going to write a descriptive recount, telling our audience about a time you were successful.  
Describe a time we were successful
Success Criteria
Have you remembered…
- start with something that was said or thought
- Use punctuation (capital letters to start sentences and names and fullstops to end)
- to put everything in the right order
- use describing words and lots of detail.
- Re-read it to check it makes sense

Please don’t be first Please Please Please” I was saying in my head as were doing the Speech competition. It was really nerveracking when I was watching the other people. Oh and don’t get me started on how nervous I was when it was my turn! Then I was so relieved when my turn was finished. Next the winners got announced I was so proud of myself I came second.

First I sat and watched the people do their speeches. Man I was so nervous and proud of my friends at the same time. Everyone clapped after they had finished their speeches.

Suddenly they called my name, it was my turn. At that time my heart was pounding, my legs were shaking, time slowed down, I had zoned out, I tried to imagine everyone in their undies and bra, I took a big breath and said my speech.

“It was finally over” I said in my head.  Everyone clapped and cheered I was so proud of myself, my friends and teacher were proud too. You know now I don’t really think it was that scary anymore.

When they announced the winners I was so proud of myself I was going to burst. I came second as I sat down. My friends were saying congratulations to me.

At the end of the day I felt so proud of myself. I was glad it was over but also would have loved to do it all over again.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Dvolver (Part2)

Today I made a movie using Dvolver. It was about hurt free and some of the things that people do.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Character Inferences

This week in reading we have been reading a story about the war. We had to do a character inference sheet on the main character.

The Venn Diagram

Today me and some buddies did a venn diagram to explain some differences and similarities that New Zealand and Iraq have. My Buddies were Daniel and Denver. WE did these around the same time as the happy parody came out. The people who made it got arrested and that's how we found out. First we had to read information from news sites like The NZ Herald. Then we partnered  up and took the information we found and other knowledge that we already know and made a venn diagram together.

The Dancing

I was so excited because we got to do assembly.   Assembly is when the whole school comes down to Tawaraunui, and the class that is on stage presents the class certificates and does a class performance. Well this time my class is on stage and I'm in the performance it's dancing.We also have another performance some of the boys are doing the bongos. So in the dancing performance there is Kiana, Me, Journey, Waimarama, and Mihi. We are dancing to Problem by Ariana Grande Feat Iggy Azalea. The boys learnt a beat of youtube it went dum, daramdum.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Dvolver Moviemaker

Today I made a movie using Dvolver. It was about hurt free and some of the things that people do.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

My Bio Poem

Yesterday we had a reliever and had to write a Bio Poem.
Is intelligent, friendly, and energetic
The Daughter of Tania and Walter,
Who loves Geronimo Stilton Books and her Best friends Kiana, Journey, Amy, Waimarama, Mihi, and Kirihiria,
Has experienced being Happy, Sad, and excited
Is sometimes afraid of dark, no phone, and no friends.
Won year 4 and 5 speech competition
Has always wanted to go to university and be a writer, artist, scientist, and technology expert.
Who lives in Kaikohe
and thinks Tuatara is the best in the world.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Holiday Recount

WALT recount an exciting event so that our reader knows what happened and how we felt.

“Are you ready Lu” asked mum.  “Nearly I shouted I was still  getting my money out of my money jar.  It was a long and boring ride but it was worth it.  We had finally arrived in Whangarei, I was so thrilled when I got out of the car.  There were lots of different shops and cafes.

At first when we started walking around I was so energetic but then I got really tired.  There were a lot of people walking around with bags in there hands.  I was so eager to go in the shops.  Finally we went in a shop there were lots of cool clothes and accessories.  For my sister and my cousin Leighton it was easy to choose, but for some reason it was really hard for me.

We had to go to three different shops.  When we got to the third shop I rushed to the shoes area.  It only took one glance and a smile and I knew I had found the perfect pair of shoes.  I showed my mum tried them on and bought them.  I also bought a Manly Sea Eagles high bounce ball.  It was a long and exciting trip home we were eating doughnuts and listening to music.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Learning Reflection Term1

This Block we were writing a reflection on how we did this term.

What was your best moment in term one? Why?
My best moment this term was when I got to open my Chromebook, because it was the most amazing feeling.It also felt like my birthday.
What was the most important thing you learnt?
The most important thing I learnt was how to add detail to my writing.I even learnt how to use show me on the I Pad's first even before the teacher.
What subject do you do the best in this term and why?
I think the best subject I did this term was writing because I had written some cool stories. I also think I did maths the best because I was always finished my work.
What subject did you not do so well in and why?
I don’t think I have any subject that I didn't to so well in because I had always finished my work and was doing extra work sometimes.
Did I manage my time wisely this term? How? e.g. finishing most tasks, working independently.   I managed my time awesomely this term because I was never behind in any work.I worked independently for all independent activities.
What can I do differently next term to improve? Why?
I don’t have anything to improve on because I have always done the right thing at the right time in the right place.
Give yourself smiley faces out of 10 to show how well you have done this term:


Monday, April 14, 2014

My Whakapapa

In class we had to learn our whakapapa and record our selves saying it on audioboo. I think I recorded myself really well but next time I need to explain what we did more.

100 Word Challenge

WALT write about a topic using less than 100 words
SUCCESS CRITERIA - Have you remembered…
  • to re-read your story to check it makes sense?
  • use great vocabulary to make your story interesting?
  • Use the correct punctuation?
Awaking to a constant sound of beeping I forced my right eye open to peep down at my alarm.  “8.50! 8.50! not 8.50! it couldn’t be 8.50!” I thought in my head.  I pulled myself upright tripping over all the stuff on my floor.  I was going as fast as I could I had to get ready for school.  I brushed my hair, washed my face, brushed my teeth, and ate my breakfast, I still had to put my lunch in my bag.  “Liona are you ready for school” shouted mum.  But I thought I had enough time.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My Whakapapa

Today in in class we were doing Te Reo Maori and we had to learn our whakapapa.Then we had to record ourselves on audioboo(it is a tool we use).Here is my recording.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Evil Earth

A couple of weeks ago we had to make a presentation on Evil earth.Here's Mine.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Rope Swing

WALT: add detail to our writing to make it more interesting.

Success Criteria 

Have you included:
  • description using at least 2 senses?
  • correct punctuation?
  • Different sentence beginnings

This just a piece of writing I am really proud.I have shared this writing at an important meeting at the Ministry of Education.

‘Woohoo!” I shouted as I sprinted down the beach, flicking the sand up behind me.I was so excited to get to the rope swing.It smelt like fish’n’chips.When I got to the rope swing I took a leap of faith it was fun but scary at the same time.The first time I swang I didn’t let go, the second time I nearly let go but didn’t, the third time I closed my eyes and let go.”Brrrrr” the water felt as cold as ice, I was shivering and shaking in the water.

What I want to be when I grow up

This is what I want to do when I grow up.

All about me

This is all about me