Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Rope Swing

WALT: add detail to our writing to make it more interesting.

Success Criteria 

Have you included:
  • description using at least 2 senses?
  • correct punctuation?
  • Different sentence beginnings

This just a piece of writing I am really proud.I have shared this writing at an important meeting at the Ministry of Education.

‘Woohoo!” I shouted as I sprinted down the beach, flicking the sand up behind me.I was so excited to get to the rope swing.It smelt like fish’n’chips.When I got to the rope swing I took a leap of faith it was fun but scary at the same time.The first time I swang I didn’t let go, the second time I nearly let go but didn’t, the third time I closed my eyes and let go.”Brrrrr” the water felt as cold as ice, I was shivering and shaking in the water.

1 comment:

  1. great work liona, I am very happy with your progress (Lionas Mum)