Monday, July 28, 2014

Twitches Narrtive Writting

For the last week our class has been working on narrative writing. We were learning the structure of one at first. I think what I did well was describe how the fairies looked. I think I next time I could explain what happened to the witch.

“Welcome fairies you look fine today, Amy what a beautiful blue dress, and I noticed today you all have blonde glowing hair, Maleficent you look gorgeous too Ella Ella Ella there's isn't a word to describe how you look with your frilly dress” complimented the queen. All the fairies felt flattered “well we better get on to the gifts”shouted Amy. “My gift I give to you is that you two will be the most beautiful maidens and every boy or man that sees you will fall in love” said Amy with such grace. “My gift to you is the voice of an angel and when you sing anyone who hears you will be enchanted” Maleficent wished upon them. “My gift to you is that you will always be at the top of your grades and you will never fail a grade” Ella said with such wonder. “BAM!!” The door opened wide and in walked the evil sorceress Lucinda. “hah a party and i’m not invited hmmmm what’s wrong with this picture” she shouted with such horror. Everyone froze as she walked toward the twins. “Its my turn to give you two a gift” she whispered to herself. “Yes you will grow up with grace but on your sixteenth birthdays one of you will find an apple bite it then you will fall into a deep sleep and only true love can break this curse no-one else” she shouted across the room. Their father sent his soldiers to chop down every single apple tree and burn them. The years passed and Christy and Tristy grew older and older. Both with lucious brown glowing hair, and light tan skin. Christy had bright orange eyes, with a red dress and a sun headband. Now Tristy had a light blue dress, dark blue eyes and a crescent moon shaped headband. More and more time passed like Lucinda said they grew with grace.

The day was nearly here, their sixteenth birthday, now their father sent them off with the trustworthy fairies and said “do not bring them back until two days have passed”. Fare they went in to a place where no trees grew they kept the twins inside but the curse was too powerful. In the middle of the night Christy got lured into an enchanted forest and just like Lucinda said she found and bit an apple. She fell into a deep sleep and floated back to her room with the apple still in her hand.

Their father cried and cried and poured his eyes out. Christy on the other hand had locked herself inside her room and didn’t come out for days. A couple of days later she finally came out and went into the room where her sister was and hugged her and cried over her. When one tear touched Tristy’s face  she suddenly awoke and all was put into place.

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