Monday, August 25, 2014


Here are two presentations one of them is a thank you for one of the teachers.


  1. Hi Liona! I love that you thanked Mrs Wihongi! She was the best! I like that you have photos of the first and 2nd people in Cross Country. I give love to you and your family for your loss. I know how you feel. I felt really bad when my mum died. But anyways stay strong and I love your post. BYE!! :)

  2. Hi Liona, I like the cool presentation and I would like to thank Miss Wihongi for making cross country possible. But for fun you should put more animations in there. But here is my question why are you not in the photo?

  3. Hey, hey, hey that was a good thank you presentation and cross country one too, But it had a few mistakes like not that much mistakes but I really like that you thanked my favourite teacher in the whole world.

    1. and Miss Newton and miss smith and mr v

  4. Well done Lulu, I really liked the way you thank Miss Wihongi for doing cross country. I loved the way that you have photos of the first and second place. Well I did spot a mistake but, your a clever girl you I think you can find it. KA MAU TE WEHI kotero!!!!