Tuesday, October 14, 2014

My Holidays

For the last two days we have been writing recounts about our holidays. We were writing to share what we did in the holidays. I think I what I did well was to write a descriptive story in only an hour. What I didn't do so well was that it isn't really long.

“Click Click” the harness was buckled. “Should I really do this?” I was panicking in my mind. It was about to explode!! Too late we’re already going up. Another click about a couple of seconds later.  I was speechless. The more we went up the more tension built in my tummy. Suddenly I realised we had stopped but we were right at the top. A little drop. Then… “AHHHH!!!” screamed everyone except me and my little brother. We were frozen in our seats not even blinking. When we were coming down our mouths flew open. We could not close them. We recovered in seconds. We were off and away to the power surge. Twisting and turning all around and also going upside down was really fun. Although it was fun I still missed my little brother too short for the ride sitting beside me.

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