Friday, June 5, 2015

Passion Week Speech

This is a speech about why we should have Passion Week.

Hi my name is Liona and in my case I think we should have passion week. I have three main points on why we should have

Firstly we should have passion week because  it is really fun and you build connections with different teachers and students. Some of you may think that, well that doesn't really matter but it actually does. Because you make new friends and become more confident, and independent.

Secondly in my opinion in passion week you still learn you are just learning something a lot more interesting and you actually like it. Some of you are probably wondering why is this so good? Well actually this is great because you become more engaged in your learning and work more actively.

Thirdly we get awesome experiences and make cool memories with our friends.

In conclusion I have told three reasons why we should have passion week. I hope I have convinced you

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